Art Boutiki is NOT Downtown, and Why We Think That's Important You Know That.

Lot’s of people think Art Boutiki is downtown. Almost everyone I should say. While our life did begin in Downtown in the now cool but then dumpy confluence where S. First and Market Streets come together, we have been gone from there for a good six years now. Long enough that we no longer call our current location “The New Place” and refer to the Market Street location s “The Old Place”

Our location on Race Street is well removed from the downtown. It is an important distinction we make because if you were someone who just drove into downtown and parked at, say, The 4th Street Garage or some other downtown lot then went out trying to find Art Boutiki you would be discover you were a good few miles from us. Discovering that you might not come here at all.

Sure, you could hop on a Lyme Scooter and boogie over here, but really who would do that.

So where are we? I refer to the area we are in as Midtown, and no not because the Safeway on San Carlos sports a sign that says Midtown. Art Boutiki is in an area bounded by Downtown (and soon Googleville) on one side, The Rose Garden, Willow Glen and Burbank. We are in the middle of all that stuff, so hence Midtown.

Of course if we tell people we are in Midtown we usually get a bunch of blank stares or comments about the Safeway and how much that place kind of sucks. Our standard answer now is that we are on Race Street near The Alameda, which is not as cool as saying “downtown” but at least it puts you in the neighborhood.

Thanks for your time.