Futurama bowl matchbook vintage advertising art t-shirt

Futurama bowl matchbook vintage advertising art t-shirt


Opened in 1961, Futurama Bowl was an mainstay in San Jose, CA as both a bowling
alley and entertainment venue. The Bowling alley featured 42 lanes of what was
then state-of-the-art lanes. The iconic sign in front was a classic example of
Googie architecture. The front entrance was covered by two large, domed
Somewhat in conflict with the modern, space-age look of the bowling alley was
the restaurant/lounge called The Magic Carpet Room.

Adorned with over 470,000
beads, the Arabian Knights themed nightspot was at odds with the Futurama
Bowling Alley Space-Aged theme. Also in the complex was a fitness center called
The Glamorama Room. Not sure what that might have been like, but I expect that
glamor and bowling maybe went together somehow.
The image for this shirt was taken from an old matchbook, scanned, digitally
traced and recolored, the image is free of artifacts and jagged edges which
usually accompany reproductions of this sort.

Printed in-house on a 100% cotton
t-shirt, the stock for this image is Vintage Red, but we can put this on almost
any color by request,

Published using Nembol

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